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Message from a Child Success Foundation Board Member

Mark Cutler - Child Success FoundationEarly and constant intervention is a critical element for families that are raising a child with special needs. Juggling this routine along with “regular” family life, can be a logistical nightmare, as well as a financial strain that even the most capable families can find difficult to bear.

My own daughter faced significant challenges almost from birth, so I know firsthand how therapies can help. When given the opportunity to join CSF I jumped at the chance to help other families and pay forward all the help and understanding that was shown to my family.

That is why the work of the Child Success Foundation is so important. It provides families who have no access to alternate funding, a way to get their child the services they need. Please help by supporting the work that the Child Success Foundation does. Your donation helps provide early intervention for a child in need and is an investment in the future of that¬† child’s success in life.¬† Thank you.

Mark Cutler

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