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Families who meet the eligibility criteria may submit a grant application to the Child Success Foundation for financial support.  Steps for submission include:

  1. Contact the foundation – parents or legal guardians should contact the foundation to confirm their eligibility and discuss any questions about the grant process prior to submitting their application.  Email Donna at for an appointment today.
  2. Complete the applicationclick here for application
  3. Attach clinical assessment from a qualified clinician that details your child’s diagnosis
  4. Complete financial assessment with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) by completing the SSS by NAIS for Families at The NAIS assesses financial assistance vulnerabilities and provides qualification guidelines for families seeking application to private schools and foundations.

Once steps 1-4 are completed, the Child Success Foundation Grant Committee will review applications for completeness and eligibility.  Applications are accepted year-round and take approximately 4 weeks to review.

Your Support At Work

We are thankful for the foundation because they supported our child while we figured out how to access care from other providers. The process through schools and insurance takes months or longer to access, but if a child is in crisis, he or she needs help today – not months from now.