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Carter came to the Child Success Center at age three after his parents had hopped from therapist to therapist looking for someone that could help their son.

He was born with a genetic disorder that affects all aspects of his life. He received physical and occupational therapy from an early age but the results were slow and they felt like there was more that could be done.

From the first conversation with staff at Child Success Center, they felt someone finally understood their child. They knew he “belonged” there and would benefit from intensive services. However, due to job instability and limited insurance access, they needed to figure out a way to pay for those services. Through a grant from the Child Success Foundation Carter was able to receive speech and occupational therapy 2-3 times a week for a full year.

Carter is now four and his parents report that they “cannot deny what this has done for him.” He is now able to pay attention better, participate in activities, follow directions and is physically stronger overall. In addition, an unexpected benefit from the quality services they were able to access is the deeper understanding that they have of their child. The knowledgeable staff helped them to get inside Carter’s mind in a way they had not been able to before and this has completely changed the family dynamic. The family is “forever grateful” for helping them connect with their child and strengthen their family bond.

-From a CSF Parent