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Message from a Board Member…

Dr. Jayme Neiman-KimmelI consider myself to be fortunate to have witnessed the “birth” of the Child Success Foundation and how Melissa’s vision has come to life. I clearly recall how the idea made perfect sense to me – provide families the assistance they need in order to provide necessary and crucial therapies for their children, and focus on a population that doesn’t get a lot of focus, those that can only partially afford to pay for those interventions. Brilliant I thought!

My role in the foundation is to identify the needs of a child, assess what type of treatment or treatments would most benefit that child and then monitor their progress. This allows me to have some sort of connection to every child that the foundation is able to help which I especially love.

There is nothing more gratifying than knowing that in some way I can be instrumental in aiding in the development of a child and helping a family with being able to provide a necessary intervention for their child in order for them to thrive and achieve so that they may reach their true potential.

Dr. Jayme Neiman-Kimel

Ph.D, ABPdN, Board Member