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The Child Success Foundation was founded in 2007 by Child Success Center Founder and Director, Melissa Idelson, who dreamed of making services and therapies accessible for all children struggling with developmental and learning delays. Her vision was that all families be able to afford the early interventions their children need so they can have the hope of starting life off on the right foot.

The foundation was initially established with the support and funding from a small group of generous families who believed in the value of providing essential support services for children dealing with developmental, learning and behavioral disorders.  Their desire to help these children build lives filled with positive social and academic experiences through access to early intervention services remains the core purpose of the organization today.

Over the years, the Child Success Foundation has proudly awarded over countless grants to help children and families obtain the critical services that have transformed their lives.

Your Support At Work

The school district cannot be the only provider of support for a child. Their OT and classroom services only cover a small range of needs. If we didn’t have support outside the classroom, the school district wouldn’t begin to cover our son’s needs.

Family of Jeff, age 8