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Parent’s Corner

Social Skills are just as important as any other for children who are struggling. One of the programs that we help to fund at Child Success Foundation is the Buddy Club at Pediatric Therapy Network. The Buddy Club focuses on activities such as:

  • Greeting & sharing
  • Body Language
  • Cooperative & interactive play
  • Sportsmanship
  • Making friends, Participating in conversations
  •  Avoiding & resolving conflicts
  • Taking turns
  • Understanding & Expressing Emotions
  • Self-awareness
  • Being brave & facing fears
  • Bullying

We recently got another glowing Buddy Club graduate report from 10 year old Kate.

Kate has autism and struggles with social interaction. After completing the program Kate’s mom reports improved ability to maintain conversations, improved perspective taking, improved flexibility with peers and an overall improvement in her ability to participate in group activities. Go Kate!